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Osaka ☆ EMI
20 May 2013. 08:15

This is redhead EMI, an Osakan native ☆
I’ll be updating this blog today regarding the Osaka shows a few days ago!!

This is my third year taking part in a tour, and in this wonderful 15th Anniversary year!!, I’m full of gratitude as I write this blog entry ♡

To start off today, we have the solo LICO-chan corner which everyone loves (^^)

Dancer LICO-chan is really in a league all of her own–!! (laugh)

And speaking of Osaka…?!

This is… (sweatdrop)

Is this the right way to cook it?
I’ll leave it to you to decide (^曲^) Fufufu. (laugh)
So cute– (♡▽♡)

And to change the topic… these are the slippers which the girl dancers always wear backstage!
Which pair belongs to who?!

If you can guess all of them correctly, you’re awesome!!
We’ll update with the answers next time.. ♪
And so, see you ♪
Thank you for reading- ☆