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Yoko Are-kun ☆ SUBARU
12 May 2013. 12:30

Hi~! This is dancer SUBARU!

The weather’s been getting more and more like summer lately, how has everyone been?

Now’s the period when it’s still too cold to walk outside at night without a coat, but wearing one already “feels too troublesome!”…

Oh well, that’s not the point.

Yes! We’re at Yokohama this time!

Yokohama is in Kanagawa Prefecture, where I grew up!

Each time, I stand on stage at this venue, feeling like I’ve returned triumphant.

Hometown’s really the best!

And so, when we speak about Yoko Are, we’ll definitely think of this.

Yoko Are-kun. He’ll always be there at the venue’s entrance.

How many times has everyone spotted him there?

So, for this entry, I’ll be showing everyone quite a few backstage shots of Yoko Are!

Once we enter the lounge, we see this guy.

YAN-2, or 2-YAN. He’s a Kanagawa native too.

A really nice guy~.

And then, during changing time, as I moved to grab a hanger for my personal clothes, this was hanging there.

What is he doing?…

This is Kyanzu, who popularity has surged in recent days. Actually, he’s a Kanagawa native too.

Yes. There’s quite a few of us.

And then, there’s this guy getting ready in front of the mirror.

3Suke, or Suke-san.

Gentle, but strong. He seems to be hiding something….

He’s another Kanagawa native. He graduated from the school that’s directly in front of my house. When we get together to talk about our hometown, we can seriously chat the entire night away.

And in the peaceful lounge, there’s someone who’s not a dancer.

Yankashi. Needless to say, this is his hometown too. His true hometown. He’s a Yoko kid.

He’s actually a really great guy, but because we’re of the same age and come from the same hometown, plus we’ve known each other for ages, his manner can be quite rough sometimes.

Nah! In a loving way, of course!

He’s always there to help me out! So I’m really greatful~!

And behind the venue’s stage, there’s lots of machines and equipment!

To promote safe working conditions, there’s this safety sign!

Yep! Lots of staff are working hard to support us, so that we can stand on stage safely!

So we’ll be safe too…

As usual, LICO-chan gets a solo shot…

Yes. I was just joking….

We’re really greatful to you~!

Sorry, did that come out a little sarcastic?

Oh well, with that!

That was the backstage of Yoko Are from SUBARU’s perspective!

Next week is Osaka!!

Wait for us~!!

We’ll get you super high~!!