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Yokohama Arena ☆ Day 1!!!
12 May 2013. 02:30

Starting off at Saitama, we have travelled to Nagoya and Fukuoka for the local shows, and now we have returned to Kanto- (^-^)

Yes! We had our show at Yokohama Arena today!

Alright, in this entry, I’ll introduce the Orico booth at the tour venue (^-^*)/

At the Orico booth, you can apply for a credit card which has ayu’s visual image on it.

The first 5,000 applicants will get a venue-limited special gift, the original tote bag ☆

And then, all who apply before 31 July will get to enter a lottery to win T-shirts and sports towels with ayu’s signature, so interested parties, please do visit the booth.

(Visit here for more details!

And so, lastly, I’ll be uploading commemorative photos of everyone who came for the show today (^o^)/

Thank you to all for cooperating with our photographers!

The weather wasn’t the best, but Day 1 today was really super hot!

Let’s blast through Day 2 tomorrow as well- \(⌒▽⌒)/