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22 July 2012. 15:50

Welcome to SUMMER!!

And with that!

Hello everyone!!

Has everyone seen the (partial) video clip for new song “You & Me”, to be included in “A SUMMER BEST”, coming out on 8 August?!

This song really makes you feel the beginning of 2012’s summer, so please do try to listen to it everyday on repeat ☆

And so, and so!

We had Day 3 at the Osaka branch yesterday..

And she performed that summer ballad!

Everyone who stayed over had tears in their eyes~

I was also sniffling myself during the rehearsals. (laugh) It’s my favorite summer song.

And then!!!!!

It’s Day 4 today!!! Which summer song will she perform?…

Look forward to finding out~!!! (*^▽^*)

And since we’ve been receiving inquiries, I’ll now be introducing the photobooks that are being sold at the tour venues ☆

There’s a huge display panel near the goods booths, and many people always go to take photos with it ☆

The photobooks are sold in a double set this time.

Firstly, “SUPER Ayu”, full of never-before-released photos.

It contains shots taken in both London and NY, as well as off-shots from local photoshoots as well!

There’s also lots more content. In short, it’s full of must-see photos!!!

And then, the other book is the “ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A LIMITED EDITION”

An emotional book full of PoM’s song and images.

The costumes are a must-see!!

Please do check them out (*^▽^*)

And so, Osaka branch, let’s do it today~~~!!!

Are you ready~!!

A-CHORUS Micchii