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Nagoya’s Famous Product ♪
27 May 2012. 04:55

When we talk about Nagoya…

It’s Hitsumabushi!!!!!

And so,
we had hitsumabushi backstage ( ̄▽ ̄)

So delicious!

it’ll take a while to explain this, but
there’s a “hitsumabushi lady” in our team (laugh)

Simply put,
when this person see hitsumabushi, he will happily start to mix it, and after mixing,
he will put on a triumphant look and ask with pride “Would you like some?”.


This is hair/make-up stylist Nagai-san. (laugh)

Since some years ago,
he has been the in-charge for the hitsumabushi whenever we come to Nagoya ψ(`∇´)ψ

And that was the insider’s report on the staff ☆

That aside… Today’s
Nagoya branch Day 1… Was!! Super hot!!! That’s our Nagoya!!
It’ll be Day 2 tomorrow.

We sincerely await lots of guests to come stay over tomorrow as well ☆

A-STAFF Micchii