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「Watashitachi」 Chaku-uta Full Start ♪
16 May 2012. 00:23:02

Chaku-uta full for new song 「Watashitachi」 will be out today 

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier entry, this song has a theme of friendship, and sings about a friend and I. The lyrics are based on all the experiences we’ve shared thus far and the mail and phone conversations we’ve had together 

I’m sure there will be many parts when everyone will think “Yes, I’ve had such an experience too”  

By the way, I personally really love the 2nd verse of lyrics for this song  

When my friend was going on her first date with a crush, we got together several days before to pick out clothes  and even had a little fashion show 

“I’m going on a diet now!!”

So we went to the gym to run, but were so hungry when we came back that we went to eat shabu-shabu  (laugh)

It may be ridiculous, but it was the best time for us, and it’s now an unforgettable memory 
I’m sure everyone has their own best memories too 

Please do listen to this song while thinking of your memories