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Quiz ☆
14 April 2012. 17:26

This is Micchii ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

【ayumi hamasaki arena tour 2012 A~Hotel Love songs~】

At Osaka today!!
Everyone coming to stay over at Osaka Jou Hall, are you readyyyyyyyy!!
Something awesome happened outside the venue just a while ago ☆

And then, for today.
We’re going to have a quiz ( ̄▽ ̄)

And I, Micchii, have come up with a name for it.
It’s called

“Whose is this? Belongings Examination Quiz!” ← Too long? (laugh)

Yes! Let’s start.

With this ☆

If you can guess who these belong to, you are really awesome ♪( ´▽`)

A hint.
These are self-supplements and make-up tools…
Belonging to someone with a sense of beauty!

So, can you guess who it is?

The answer will be revealed soon ♪

And then, and then,

Someone will write a blog entry here today as well,
so look forward to that! (^_-)-☆

A-STAFF Micchii