The annual customary special box filled with one year’s worth of gratefulness, the 「HAPPY BOX」, will go on sale on 26 Dec ☆
Full of hard-to-get items, the 「HAPPY BOX」 is a special campaign by mu-mo shop that is only held once a year.
Look forward to the contents hidden inside.
As there are a limited number of boxes, make sure to get yours fast!!

【Types and Prices】
■Hamasaki Ayumi 2012 HAPPY BOX (Pine)

■Hamasaki Ayumi 2012 HAPPY BOX (Bamboo)

■Hamasaki Ayumi 2012 HAPPY BOX (Plum)

♪Purchase Link♪
※Link available only from 26 Dec 16:00 onwards
※The 「HAPPY BOX 2012」 will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.