nikumoyashi: A report on the 「Hamasaki Ayumi x Vivi Collab Charity T-shirt」, which appeared in Vivi’s May issue. Due to the support of lots of people, we have sold 82,092 shirts and accumulated 123,138,000yen for the Japan Red Cross.
ayu_19980408: RT

KIDOyasuhiro: Blog is updated ☞ 『ayu’s live』
ayu_19980408: Ki-chan, thank you for yesterday ♪

mikajohn: When I brought the souvenirs I received to work yesterday, everyone was really impatient. (laugh)
ayu_19980408: Why are they impatient? I really wanna know!! (laugh)

mmanaho: The finale for ayu-chan’s tour is really really wonderful and resounds in your heart, totally fitting for the last show. I feel very glad and proud to have had the chance to work with her “voice and song”. ayu-chan, great job. Please continue to progress.
ayu_19980408: If I had not met with sensei, I would not have completed this concert in such a wonderful fashion with my lack of knowledge. I can only give thanks. Please let me continue to learn from Manaho-sensei forever!!

katosenseidesu: ayu-chan’s live and birthday party were both so touching! This is a totally awesome woman. I’ll work hard too.
ayu_19980408: I just finished pressure training with boutique owner Koguchi ♪ I wanted to see Kato-sensei ♡