In conclusion, thanks to all you powerful Kansai fans ♪

The live was a huge success ↑↑↑

You were all so powerful that it felt like we were doing the finale show (☆ω☆)

So let’s go over these 2 exciting and touching days again with some photos ♪

Though Day 1 at Osaka Jou Hall saw unfortunate bad weather,

Day 2 was like this

A beautiful blue sky stretched overheard!!

The goods booths were also a huge success

With super long queues!!

Super hot items have been added to the goods list, starting with the Osaka Jou Hall shows

★POWER of MUSIC Bracelet★

★Cleaner Strap★

By the way, troupe leader ayu also has a bracelet nestling against her wrist.

It must feel great to wear matching items with ayu (´∀`○)

And then, the fans ☆ full of energy!!

There were lots of cute cosplayers too ゚.+:。(*´ェ`*)゚.+:。

A thank you to all who posed for photos.

The A Troupe will thoroughly soak up this Kansai power and become even stronger ↑↑↑

Next, we’ll be invading Shizuoka Ecopa Arena on the 5th and 6th Oct!!

Wait for us!! Shizuokaaaaaa!!!!! ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ

A STAFF Minazou