ayu_19980408: Safely in NY now, after a 16-hour flight, said to be the longest in the world. From JFK to Manhattan roll roll roll~ 

MY_ALL1982: Work in NY? (^-^)
ayu_19980408: Yep, filming fest with Leslie ☆

ayu_19980408: Whee~… Back to mossball-mode for a little bit 

ayu_19980408: Up ↑

ayu_19980408: Mossball in good mood ↑

ayu_19980408: I’m back.

ayu_19980408: In the usual room, settling in.

ayu_19980408: Picked this room because I want this view.

hiro19870930: Nice to have a usual room (*^^*) Does the room have an ayu smell!??
ayu_19980408: Yep~ Because I have a fragrance fetish~ ♪ No matter where I go, I’ll bring candles to give the room my own familiar scent (*^^*)

bz2099: 【Oricon】 Hamasaki Ayumi’s 18th album at No.1. Congratsssssssss!! http://t.co/OWvxn2D
ayu_19980408: Thank you!! I’m so glad, because I really really believe in this album!! (>_<) Please continue to support 「FIVE」!!!!!!

ayu_19980408: NYC always makes me sentimental…….Don’t know why…..maybe too beautiful especially this season isn’t it???

bjxayu1002: this is ur last night in hong kong news. they say ur very nice.
ayu_19980408: Already miss u guys…

J3104J: Is the Birkin bag a present from someone!?
ayu_19980408: From Mika-san of the Hunky Noguchi Corporation :)) The NY streets, restaurants, hotel rooms and everywhere else hold memories for Mama and I, so I brought this bag along. I’m sentimental over it.

fickto: Ayu, I’m sure a lot of NY fans would love to meet you! =) I would 😀
ayu_19980408: Cool!!! Come to c me n Leslie:)))

as_Manami: Stay with me? (´・ω・`)
ayu_19980408: And I’ll repeat this phrase to TA ♡ That’s why I wore pink during A3DII in Hong Kong (*^^*)

kero_ayu: Are you still holding onto our hands? (´・ω・)σ゙
ayu_19980408: The sky, this hand, this bracelet, everything is connected (*^^*)

rikuhaku1022: ayu~! FIVE is totally out of stock, there seems to be no more even in the factories! Awesome!!
ayu_19980408: That’s great, but it’s still inexcusable (>_<) Kome~!!!!!
rice20000: Sorry! A-factory is now increasing production, so I think it’ll be fine!
ayu_19980408: I see! Thanks for waiting!!

ayu_19980408: TA is updated now ☆

ICETSE: AYU so hot hk newspaper today
ayu_19980408: LOL

ayu_19980408: It’s 6:30am in NY now. Just what kind of day will today be? ☆

maki_sweetblack: another hk newspaper writing how hot and sexy u r! seems all newspaper focus on the same thing!LOL sexy!!
ayu_19980408: LOL

TA0413: ayu-chin! You’ve ranked No.1 for most number of performances on MSta for female artists ♪(*^^*)
ayu_19980408: Age m(_ _)m

risa_19980408: You’re also No.1 for most appearances on the cover of S Cawa, with 28 times ♡ Kyaaaa 
ayu_19980408: Ah! S Cawa is out today!! My comic dialogue with big sis Tsuriko is a must-read. (laugh)