RyoHoriguchi: Finally, on the last train… Everyone is so tired… 95% of the people here are asleep… (laugh) Great job! Japan!!!! Next week, ayumi-sama’s 「Five」 will be released on 31 Aug (^^) That’s the energy of Japan!!! Hang on! Japan!!!
ayu_19980408: Ryo, you rock! (laugh)

ayu_19980408: And I can easily imagine my TL being flooded with messages like “Hey, you’re still awake” now. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: TA is updated.

ayu_19980408: Oyasumi Masai……. ♡

ayu_19980408: So, on to Mister GO GO GO~ ♪

yamadamic: She’s asleep, but I’m still on-air now. Why… feat.JUNO #tokyofm
ayu_19980408: Yama-chan, thank you!!

aaayusurreal: ayu-chan! Since a-nation is being broadcast in 6 areas in Tohoku, I’m going to watch the Sendai one! I’ll be supporting you from Tohoku ^^ Please tell Matsuura-san my thanks for coming up with such a great plan ヽ(;▽;)ノ
ayu_19980408: Everyone, enjoy the public viewing!!

JUNO_Japan: My feelings today ヽ(´o`; 오늘 나의 기분~cool하게 날려버리자!
ayu_19980408: 어려운 네요 ~…….

tiny_drop48: ayu-chan ♪ What is Masa-san doing? (*^^*)
ayu_19980408: Cracking and snapping (*^^*)

mocacanon: ayu, I’ll be waiting for the troupe to come on! Shine forward with ayu’s light! I think I’ll surely cry, but I will accept it all (^O^)/ I’ll watch you (^_-)-☆ I love you, ayu, A Troupe (^_-)-☆
ayu_19980408: Yep, leave it to me (^_−)−☆

maron_19980408: ayu-chan, you’ll be strong today because Masa-san is with you (*´∇`) Have fun (*´∀`*)
ayu_19980408: Yep~ (*´∀`*)

JUNO_Japan: (nuna, big bro) Good luck!!!!!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
ayu_19980408: 사랑을 지키기 위해 ~(^_−)−☆
JUNO_Japan: 싸움은 지키고싶은것이 있을때만 하는것입니다! 오늘 nao형과 열심히 싸워주세요!!\(^o^)/
ayu_19980408: 그리고 마지막은 모두 함께 미소가 됩시다 ~(*^^*)

ayunews: 『a-nation 10th Anniversary for Life』 Free Public Viewing of Streaming for the Tokyo show is now on! Hope to send the power of music to Tohoku (>_<)*ku (PC)http://t.co/N2v2Hoc
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: To everyone in Tohoku! From a-nation’11’s stage, all the avex artists send you lots of love and dreams and hope!!!

mikajohn: Maguro went overseas to study. Iruka has stopped schooling. A 42-year-old friend just gave birth to her first child. Another friend’s child has decided to transfer schools. ayu has overcome obstacles and stands on stage. With so many people’s lives crossing, this summer has come to an end. May tonight have the best fireworks.
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)v

meg_onewlove802: @JUNO_Japan Juno-kun, you didn’t come for Tokyo’s a-nation? I was waiting for you (T^T)
JUNO_Japan: Sorry! ヽ(´o`;
ayu_19980408: Sorry…

xiahmayou: @JUNO_Japan I was really looking forward to seeing Juno at a-nation (>_<)
JUNO_Japan: (T ^ T)
ayu_19980408: I really apologize for not being able to accomplish this m(_ _)m I still don’t know what to say even now.

UN1982: I will work hard as both Urata Naoya and URATA NAOYA tomorrow. Because both are the real me!
JUNO_Japan: Good job!! \(^o^)/
ayu_19980408: Big brother NAO battled well while holding JUNO Dongsaeng’s feelings in his heart (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: What was important was not “how they will look at us” but “how we want to be”. And to be allowed to go through with this belief, everything that happened today happened.

mocacanon: At that place, at that time, the feelings from the 3 of you were there (^-^) So don’t worry, your message has reached us (^_-)-☆
ayu_19980408: Thank you…

ayumix102: Hamasaki Ayumi has always been the last performer on a-nation until now. Just what was she feeling as she stood on stage today?
ayu_19980408: That was the result of me choosing to hold on to my belief, so I have no regrets. I am just full of thanks towards all the comrades in the troupe!!

ayacky1002: ayu-chan, work hard for tomorrow too (*^^*) Puff out your chest and stay true to yourself.
ayu_19980408: Of course~ (^_−)−☆ Because everyone in TA and the troupe and the little bros are here, troupe leader baby is the strongest ☆

momoka07xx_TA: Why resounded in my heart today.
ayu_19980408: Thank you! In order to support me, that person kept all complaints to himself and chose not to appear, and has fought with endless pressure. And because he won the battle, we were able to resound the song in everyone’s hearts. ☆

ayuki_1978102: ayu-chan, is Masa-san ok? @(・●・)@
ayu_19980408: We continue to communicate through telepathy. Until the beginning of the show. (laugh)

JUNO_Japan: We have created the very best. I am grateful to have met such precious people, and I feel very blessed. ayu-nuna and big bro Nao, thank you so much!
ayu_19980408: RT

AKANExTaaan: Today’s ayu was really dignified!
ayu_19980408: Today’s Kuu and TRF were so bright and dignified, I cried. Because all us artists share every experience with each other, we know the same pain and gather the same gentleness, to change it into strength!!!

rAinbow1005TA: We will give the best ayu call tomorrow too.
ayu_19980408: Yay♪ Can I expect pink penlights and uchiwas too?? ♪(´ε` )

ayu_romipan: I am always shocked at ayu’s decisions. You would rather sacrifice yourself to protect those people who are precious to you?
ayu_19980408: As long as there is something to protect, I would throw away my pride without the slightest hesitation ♪