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「L」 Jacket photo off shot

ayu’s 50th single 「L」
An impressive photoshoot of ayu holding her own “face”. We present to you the backstage scenes from this shoot too! With this release achieving yet another No.1 on the Oricon charts, she has broken the record for highest number of consecutive No.1 singles for solo female artists, with her count at 25!!! And then, the songs contained in the single, written by Komuro-san and Makihara-san, make this a wonderful single!! All in all, a great commemorative single ♪


「Virgin Road」 Video clip off shot

Listening to the song “Virgin Road”, this is one Video Clip which you couldn’t have imagined!!! Filmed in LA on a huge scale, this PV views just like a short movie! Wearing a wedding dress and holding a machine gun, driving along the highway in an open-top car, this PV brings to you a beautiful and cool ayu ♪♪


「Sweet Season」 Video clip off shot

Fitting with the gentleness of the song, this Video Clip gives a very warm feeling. Featuring a happy family scene from the American 80’s, with the children lip-syncing along to the song, this gives off a warm and cute feeling ♪ And then, the scene of ayu, who hates water, falling into the pool was also much talked about! You would imagine that the Video Clip would end with this scene, but a shocking ending waits at the very end…



Both the October and November issues featured ayu on the cover. 「Sweet Season」, a song in 50th single 「L」, is the TV CM theme song for the magazine, but I’m sure everyone has already checked it out ♪ In the 2 issues, ayu wore a total of 6 different costumes, and she also talked lots in depth about the song 「Sweet Season」 ♪



The November issue featured a special titled “50th Single Anniversary AYU NAKED TALK”. And this photoshoot featured a “naked” ayu. Without her usual elegant dresses, ayu wanted to bring across her real self, without all the embellishments. In a natural style, many shots with the distinct “Hamasaki Ayumi” flavour were taken, and there were surely many TA members who were shocked to see it!



A special feature with the title 「THE SHOW GIRL Hamasaki Ayumi, The Things Accomplished by One Girl」, this article contained different-angled shots of ayu in a corset dress and a crown upon her head. And no matter which shot it was, it is easy to see how cute she was ♪


S cawaii!

「50 Never Before Asked Questions to AYU」, a special featuring ayu’s answers. In a surprisingly honest way, she talked openly about her feelings and emotions. Wasn’t this a great chance to meet with the ayu we wished to know, but could never quite understand!? Her clothes too, fully featured 3 different styles, “Military”, “Fur” and “Knit” ♪


Otona Look!s

This is ayu’s first feature in “Otona Look!s”. On a set based on the theme “A rundown water mill deep in the silent forest”, ayu matches the backdrop perfectly, either dressed in a white knit poncho and lying down smiling, or as a strong lady in a white blouse and black fur coat. She has managed to create a world all her own ♪


bea’s up

「bea’s up」 featured an “edgy” perspective on ayu. With her hair bunned up, ayu’s large eyes are emphasized, giving the shoot an artistic flavour.



“JELLY” magazine, with the theme 「What I want to wear in winter」. ayu displayed her personal fall/winter fashion, making this a precious photoshoot ♪ Wearing either the “hippie style” or “knit”, this feature probably became a fashion handbook for many TA girls ★



An arena tour, bigger than any she’s ever done before, started in April 2010. And the main visual for that tour is this photoshoot. Dressed in black lace and a crown, this costume was much talked about!! Used on goods like the T-shirt and tote bag, it was super popular with the crowd ♪


Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7days Special~ PAMPHLET OFF SHOT

Featuring shots taken from Rock’n’Roll Circus TOUR LIVE at Yoyogi Gymnasium in July, and special shoots with the tour costumes, this pamphlet was put on sale during 7days Special. It’s been a long 8 years since ayu last did photoshoots in her tour costumes!! A book filled with everything from the Rock’n’Roll Circus TOUR, here’s an accompanying off-shot to complement it!

And, in the next issue, vol.39 of TeamAyu Magazine,
ayumi hamasaki Rock’n’Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7days Special~ Feature!!
Coming Soon…



Papino-sans’ tweets ♪♪♪

A special corner featuring tweets from Pino-san and Papiko-san ★ An extremely cute duo. Makes you want to just hug them tight ♪♪

(From left to right, top to bottom)

Hey– Hey–

Uhhh– Too bright!

Ah! The photoshoot is done!




What is it?


Blank face ♪


from TA Staff

Hi everyone ♪ this is the TA staff. Did you enjoy TeamAyu Magazine vol.38?? This issue, like the last, was filled with jacket cover photoshoots, video clip off shots, magazines, pamphlets, just lots and lots of ayu photos!

Now, we want to take this opportunity to introduce a new concept regarding the TA magazine to everyone! For every subsequent issue, we wish to create the magazine together with everyone, using ideas that everyone sends in to us! Any type of idea can be accepted, for example “I’d like to see this!” or “I’d like more to be reported on this”! For TA, by TA. Let’s work together to bring TA magazine to everyone! ♪

A Pioneer Project to start it all off!


Please introduce your favourite ayu song to the rest of the TA members.
Why do you like this song? What memories do you have of it? Such episodes are welcome, so please write in.

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